Gate Information

The Estates of Northpark Gate Operating System is a state of the art system designed to provide the residents the security of a gated community.  It includes a digital phone entry system, access control for resident vehicles, a lift arm gate for the entrance, and new movable gate operators for the entrance and exit gates.

The lift arm gate in the single entrance lane is used to control traffic flow and protect the entrance gate. This lift arm system is designed to prevent tailgating. Leave proper space (one car length minimum) between cars. TAILGATING through the in gate is prohibited and attempting to tailgate could result in damage to your vehicle.

The entrance lane has an active tag reader system that operates the lift arm and the slider gate if the active system tag mounted on the resident’s vehicle is recognized.

As a resident drives into the subdivision, they will be instructed by signage to merge left. Residents should slow down, and be prepared to stop. If the resident’s vehicle has a system tag and the gate entrance is clear of other traffic, they may not have to come to a complete stop. If the resident does not have a system tag, then they can open the gate after stopping at the digital phone access panel and pressing the # symbol first then entering their unique 4-digit access code.

A visitor to the subdivision will need to stop at the digital phone access control panel. Once in front of the panel, they will scroll through a digital alphabetically displayed resident list. Scrolling is rapid if either scroll button is held down. Finding the resident on the list, the guest must then will press the Call button to contact the resident. The resident’s phone will ring and the guest is able to speak to the resident. The resident then has the choice of allowing entry by pressing “9” or denying entry by simply hanging up.

The built-in keypad is lighted for optimal visibility at night or low light periods.

Safety loops for all controlled gates are installed in the roadway surface and photo electric beams mounted on the gates and traffic arm are designed to prevent both from closing accidentally on a vehicle. An Emergency Vehicle Release Box and a Siren Operated Sensor are designed to override all normal operations and allow emergency responders to enter the neighborhood. The out gate is controlled by a safety loop to allow anyone to exit.

The gate times are:
Summer Gate Schedule:  Schedule TBD.

School Year Gate Schedule:

Weekdays: Open 6:00 AM – 8:30 AM; Closed 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM; Open 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM.  Closed 6:30 PM – 6:00 AM.
Weekends:  Saturday – Closed
Sunday:  {Open} Noon until {Closed} 5:00 PM

Newspaper delivery and other services have their own unique 4-digit utility code.


Our Gate Access System was selected and designed with the safety of residents, their families, and guests in mind. Speed bumps and reflective pavement markers are in the gate area to act as traffic calming devices. There is a single lane in and a single lane out. Slower speeds (5 MPH) and caution are necessary in the gate area to prevent damage to the gate and also your vehicle.

With any gate system, common sense is a must. Here is a list of DO’s and DON’Ts:


* Obey all traffic warning signs as you approach the gate area
* Be aware of traffic in the gate area and be prepared to stop
* Proceed slowly and cautiously through the gate area
* Be courteous to other drivers and be patient with guests
* Allow guests that are denied entry to pull to the side or back up to turn around. (Leave room behind their car so that they can back up to get out of the way.)
* Report immediately any gate access problems, vandalism, or suspicious activity to the Homeowners Association or the Gate Committee.


* DON’T SPEED through the gate area or drive around the speed bump.
* DON’T give out your 4-digit access code randomly. (This is for your security and access through the gate will be monitored.)
* DON’T allow strangers access. (If you do not know the guest, deny them entry.)
* DON’T allow children to play in the gate area.
* DON’T TAILGATE through the in gate. (The lift arm may damage your car.)


Resident access into the neighborhood is controlled through the use of active system tags or 4 digit access codes. Guests use the phone entry system linked to the resident through a unique 3-digit code.

The Northpark system tags for vehicles are similar to the Causeway Toll tag. Causeway tags may be used if their tag number is in the Northpark Gate Access database. Causeway tag numbers not in our database will not open the gate.

Those residents not having Causeway tags may use Northpark gate tags. Either tag should be mounted inside the windshield on the lower left side above the brake tag.

Access tags (Causeway and Northpark) must be registered to a current Northpark resident. Tags that are not registered to a current resident will be periodically purged from the access database. If you receive a tag directly from a previous resident when you move in, please contact the property manager via email to have it registered in your name.

Access codes and gate entry tags may be obtained through Renaissance Property Management.  Gate tags are $45 each to purchase from the Estates of Northpark.