Covenants, Bylaws, Etc

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The Board of Directors intends to vigorously and uniformly enforce all of the existing covenants. Uniformity and consistency in the pursuit of infractions to the covenants must and will prevail to ensure that complete objectivity is maintained throughout the process.

Any resident of Northpark may recommend and effect changes to the existing covenants by:

  1. Obtaining a petition with signatures of 50 Northpark residents in support of the change(s);
  2. Presenting this petition to the Northpark Board of Directors;
  3. Receiving a 51% favorable vote of Northpark residents at a scheduled general Northpark Homeowners meeting.

Please remember that the covenants exist to maintain the integrity and value of your neighborhood. Do your part to support your covenants or exercise your right to make changes by following the process outlined above.


Estates of Northpark Homeowners Association Board of Directors