Gate Information

School Year Gate Schedule:


Open:  6:00 AM – 8:30 AM and 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Closed 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM and  6:30 PM – 6:00 AM

Saturday – Closed all day
Sunday:  Open: 12:00 noon – 5:00 PM


Summer Gate Schedule:  Schedule TBD.


About the System


The Estates of Northpark Gate Operating System is designed to provide the residents the security of a gated community. It includes a digital phone entry system, access control for resident vehicles and a lift arm gate to deter tailgating. Attempting to tailgate could result in damage to your vehicle.


Vehicles with a system tag may not have to come to a complete stop. Vehicles without a system tag, can use the digital phone access panel by pressing the # symbol and their unique 4-digit access code.


Visitors to the subdivision must use the lighted digital phone to scroll through the alphabetically displayed resident list and pressing the Call button to contact the resident. The resident can speak to the guest then chose to allow entry by pressing “9” or denying entry by simply hanging up.


Scheduled delivery vehicles and other services have their own unique 4-digit utility code.


Safety loops for all controlled gates are installed in the roadway surface and photo electric beams mounted on the gates and traffic arm are designed to prevent both from closing accidentally on a vehicle or person.


Speed bumps and reflective pavement markers are in the gate area to slow traffic to avoid damage to cars and the gate. [Generally, $15,000 per gate repair, paid for by the driver of the vehicle.]


An Emergency Vehicle Release Box and a Siren Operated Sensor are designed to override all normal operations and allow emergency responders to enter the neighborhood. The out gate is controlled by a safety loop to allow anyone to exit.




The gates are for cars and trucks, not pedestrians or cyclists. The gates close with much torque, enough so that a strong adult would have great difficulty slowing them, children have no chance at all. Obviously the gates are not toys; children should not be allowed to play in the area. Pedestrians and cyclists should use the pedestrian gate.


Please allow guests that are denied entry to pull to the side or back up to turn around.


Please do not give out your 4-digit access code randomly and do not allow strangers access.



Causeway tags may be used if their tag number is in the Northpark Gate Access database.


Either tag should be mounted inside the windshield on the lower left side above the brake tag.


If you receive a tag directly from a previous resident when you move in, please contact the property manager via email to have it registered in your name.


Access codes and gate entry tags may be obtained through Renaissance Property Management

[506 E. Rutland Street Covington, LA 70433  985-624-2900, ext. 102].


Gate tags are $45 each to purchase from the Estates of Northpark.




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